Why is it Important to Be A Member?

     God’s plan is to reach the world through the local church. God’s plan is also that each person would support the local church in carrying out that mission. Being a Christian and not being a member of a local church is like being a professional football player but saying you don’t want to be on a team. It just doesn’t work. Membership defines who can be counted on. Membership says, “I’m committed.” Church is important to Christ. Ephesians 5:25 says He gave His life for it. In turn, He is asking us to do the same, to become a member and pour our life into the local church and its mission.


Why Membership Classes?

     No one ever goes to an organization, pays the fees, and joins without being concerned about what will be offered to them. The local church shouldn’t be any different. Before you become a member, we ask that you take a short, three-hour class that defines what the local church has to offer you and what is expected of you Biblically as a member. It gives you the information to make a prayerful decision as to whether you want to place your membership at Mecca Community Church.


When Are the Classes?

     The classes are scheduled as needed whenever someone expresses interest in becoming a member. They can be scheduled at any time to work around your schedule and are taught by the Pastor. You don’t need anything for the class except to show up! If you are interested in becoming a member, please let someone know so we can schedule a new class as soon as possible!